Item No. SO31-B
Revo Ecu Chiping RevoFlash 3 Power Fit VW AUDI bring engineered performance for your cars .Power RevoFlash 3 Fit vw audi works for VW,AUDI, SEAT, SKODA. It do a car only need 10 minutes and only need put the SPP cable to the socket of diagnostic in your car and open the software.Detail>>
  • $49.99
Item No. SM44-B
The XPROG-box project is a continuation of the project XPROG and now supports more than 450 units (serial EEPROM's, Microcontrollers (MCU), Electronics Control Units (ECU), DashBoards, Immobilizers, Calculators and others).Detail>>
  • $119.00
Item No. SM48
This is newest version of XPROG-M ECU Programmer, XPROG-M V5.5.5 is the only tool can decryption BMW CAS4. The package come with T420 laptop, Hard disk and USB Dongle. Software is preinstalled, you can directly use when you receive the package.Detail>>
  • $599.00
Item No. SE113
SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS programmer is High-speed FPGA driven hardware for ultra-fast programming, SmartPRO 5000U-PLUS programmer design for versatile multi-applications, You have freedom to choose the optimum mode for your programming demands.Detail>>
  • $559.00
Item No. SE100
This UPA-USB Device Programmer is with latest software version, it is update version of the UPA-USB V1.2 with better performanceDetail>>
  • $94.99
Item No. SE109
2014 Super Mini Pro TL866A EEPROM Programmer is the newest model of True USB Universal Programmer series from China.Detail>>
  • $79.00
Item No. SO228
D80D0WQ 160D0WQ EEPROM Fast Eraser,power on and put on the IC card,erasing will done about ten seconds.Detail>>
  • $104.99
Item No. SO324
Full Set 21pcs Socket Adapters for Super Mini Pro TL866A EEPROM ProgrammerDetail>>
  • $104.00
Item No. SM01-B
BDM100 ECU chip tuning tool is a universal reader/programmer (it does not require our RACE software necessarily) that allows the user to read and program files in the ECU supplied with MOTOROLA MPC5xx processor (essential).Detail>>
  • $40.99
Item No. SE21
This CMD CAN Flasher V1251 read and write flash memory via the diagnostic connector on the CAN line of computers with motor MED9.1, MED9.5, EDC16U3x/CP, EDC16CP31, EDC16CP36, EDC16C3 and EDC16C9 fuel injection. Working through CAN, not on K line.Detail>>
  • $29.99
Item No. SE110
The OpenPort 2.0 combined with our EcuFlash software, the OpenPort 2.0 is capable of reflashing a large number of newer Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles, and support for other cars is in progress.Detail>>
  • $159.00
Item No. SE102
9S12 908 711 705 4 in 1 Motorola ProgramadorDetail>>
  • $229.99
Item No. SE39
EWS Reader For BMW work with EWS alarm system equiped with EWS Immobilizers from 1995 year: E34(5xx), E36(3xx),E38 (7xx), E39 (5xx), E46 (3xx), E53 (X5), Z4, Mini Cooper, Rover 75, Range Rover.BMW EWS Reader supports reading and writing EWS3 and EWS3+ memory via unit connector (K-line).Detail>>
  • $95.00
Item No. SO99
Eprom Eraser Can erase 6 chips at the same time..Detail>>
  • $25.99
Item No. SE93
With TL866cs USB Programmer complete new professional design, True USB Universal programmer TL866CS is the first & exclusive universal programmer in the market that owns the unique features.Detail>>
  • $69.00
Item No. SO309
Professional Intelligent Programming Charger ZLP100A is used for charging or protectively charging conventional lead-acid batteries, lead-calcium/silver batteries, sealed (AGE, MF) and GEL batteries without disconnecting power supplyDetail>>
  • $1000.00
Item No. SE91
Upa-usb 2014 is the full set with all adapters,The main Device can be directly connected to the UUSP (UPA-USB Serial Programmer) or by an optional DB9 male / female 1:1 extension cable. It's equipped with an 40pin ZIF Socket for all narrow and wide DIP / DIL devices as well as with a 16 pin SOIC ZIF (150mil, narrow) socket to cover most commonly used devices.Detail>>
  • $99.99
Item No. SE43-B
Super PIASINI Master v4.1 is full kit of PIASINI and master include all function in list of the following it can read all dump of chip by bin file.and you can write or edit this dump by yourself.Detail>>
  • $59.00
Item No. SO230
OG72G/OF82B EEPROM Adapter for AK500+Detail>>
  • $37.00
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